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Steve woke up after getting a few good hours of sleep, at eight o'clock; he had felt pretty good after helping Sage and didn't have any bad dreams after he had gone to sleep. Walking out into the living room he could still see her sleeping on the couch; it had taken her a little to get to sleep after she had gotten settled, but she looked peaceful now.

She was buried into the blankets, arms wrapped around the pillow he had given her while her head rested on the armrest; and she was making a light snoring sound. He grinned at her sleeping form and debated whether or not to wake her as she stirred in her sleep.

Sage felt a hand on her shoulder, gently shaking her awake and blinked at the blurry figure of Steve in front of her. "Is it morning?" she yawned, sitting up and stretching a little. Of course it was morning; she got up and pulled a pack of mini-toothbrushes out of her pocket, the type that already had toothpaste on it, and went to brush her teeth.

"Yes, it's morning; I was going to go and get breakfast if you'd like to come with."

"That sounds great; let me just freshen up, it'll only take a minute." Sage grinned, slipping around the door and into the bathroom. Quickly, she brushed her teeth, using her free hand to comb her hair and fix her clothes, which were still fairly clean, if not bedraggled slightly.

Once she was suitably cleaned up, Sage left the bathroom and met Steve in the hallway. "So where are we going?"

"There's a diner a small ways away, if you don't mind walking."

"I don't."


Bruce knocked on the door to Sage's room in the early morning, not getting an answer after a second and knocking again. She was usually awake by this time. "Sage; I'm coming in," he warned before opening the door and peering cautiously inside. He was surprised to see everything made up, without a single person there. "Huh," he frowned, not worrying too much. She tended to get up early and did what she wanted.

He walked out and saw Tony on the phone, also frowning, and then there was a sound coming from inside of her room. On her bed was her cell phone, ringing; so he picked it up and took it out of her room. "You weren't trying to call Sage were you? She left her phone here."

Hanging up, Tony's frown deepened. "She doesn't usually leave her phone here; and I have tests to run."

"You're going to be running tests on her?"

"Just the usual battery; Kyle gave them to her once every two weeks. I need to make sure she's not going to eat anything so I can get an accurate blood sample," he sniffed, crossing his arms. "Jarvis; do you know where she went this morning?" Tony knew that she usually went to one of two martial art studios in the morning; either to Master Kao's Dojo or to train with a guy named Linton at the local gym.

"No sir; but she left around 1:30 this morning."

"I would have expected her to be back by now then; do you think you could locate her for me?"

"Right away sir."


Sage smiled when her pancakes arrived, topped with a mountain of whipped cream and blueberries. "Thank you," she told the waitress, taking a large bite and getting some of the white fluff on her cheeks and upper lip.

"Thank you," Steve told the waitress as well when he was handed his eggs, sausage, and toast, "And slow down a little bit over there; you're going to choke on all that," he joked to the young girl, who seemed to be enjoying her breakfast.

Wiping her face with the paper napkin, Sage made a face at him playfully. "I'm not going to choke," she retorted, taking a sip of her hot chocolate, "This is how I always eat." He raised an eyebrow and she smiled, taking another, smaller, bite of her food.

"Now that's better," Steve commented, taking a bit of his own food and savoring it, with a smile.

Sage ate silently for a moment, before asking, "So what's your story?"

He stopped eating and looked up, "You mean of how I became a super soldier and ended up in this time?"

"Bah," the teenager waved a hand, scowling slightly, "I mean your childhood, your life; I've read all of the reports, heard all of the stories about Captain America, Steve, and frankly I'm more interested in the person behind him. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to, it's none of my business anyways, but I'm just curious." She went back to eating.

"I grew up in Brooklyn, I was a skinny kid and lost every fight I got into; but I knew that I wanted to help people, so when the war started I joined the army," he began, stopping when he realized that he was just prattling off the story of how he became the world's first super soldier.

"You're brave and have a big heart; what was life like back then?" she asked, aware that he was answering out of habit and trying to get him back on course again.

He thought for a moment. "It wasn't simple, but it was simpler than it is today," he didn't know how to explain how it was to her. "Everything was different but, I can't really find the words,"

Sage nodded. "What do you miss the most then?" Steve frowned, thinking back on his old girlfriend Peggy, disconsolately staring down at his plate. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to stir anything," the teenager whispered, seeing his reaction to the question and feeling bad.

"It's okay; Peggy Carter, she and I were," he choked off as she nodded understanding.

"Involved," she finished for him. "I'm sorry." She felt bad for him and his lost love; it was bad enough being out of your own time, she could only imagine that it was worse having left someone you truly cared about behind.

Shaking himself out of his melancholy, Steve began eating again. "So, is there anything you do for fun?"

Sage thought, "I'm involved in a lot of different activities; but I've never been able to experience 'fun' in the sense that you mean, the closest I've gotten is an adrenaline rush."

"Well what sort of things do you usually do?"

"I've been in martial arts for three years, I read a lot, go walking; occasionally I base jump or bungee jump, and I've gone skydiving once, and a few days ago I snuck into the flight simulator down at the Air Force place Tony took me to,"

"Have you ever been to a movie?"

"Once; but without emotions you end up just appreciating how the shots were set up and the plot was written, fiction has really done nothing for me." She commented as the waitress put the bill on the table, automatically reaching for it.

Steve also reached for the bill and both of their hands met on the piece of paper attached to the clipboard. "I'll get it; and then maybe we can see what's in the theaters."

"Nah, I'm not going to have you pay; I'll get it," Sage smiled.

"No really; it'll be on me,"

"We can go Dutch," she offered, still holding onto one end of the paper while Steve was holding onto the other end.

"Fine; we'll go Dutch," Steve pulled the bill over to him and looked at the total; $37.  He put down $18.50 and then set aside some money as a tip before handing it over to Sage, who put down the same amount as the waitress came and took the money.


"Sir; I've found Sage," a security camera tape came up, showing her and Steve exiting the diner and talking again, animatedly now.

"Huh," Tony watched as they exited the screen and another view came up to continue following them. "I wonder what she's doing with Cap."

"She looks like she's having fun, however they managed to meet." Bruce commented; they were both smiling, and she was gesturing as she spoke.

"At least we know where she is and that she's safe eh? I'm sure Cap will keep a good eye on her." Tony stated as they left the camera again and the television shut off.
this is a fanfiction of the Avenger's movie
hope u like
comments appreciated
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