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"What did you think you were doing, messing around with the flight simulator?" Tony scolded Sage as James was escorting them both out of the building.

"Calm down Anthony; it's not like I broke it or anything." Sage told him back, acknowledging but indifferent to his anger; she didn't care if he decided to punish her or something either, she'd had enjoyed working in the simulator.

"How did you manage to rank number seven?" James asked, looking at the fifteen year old kid. "How did you even manage to fit in it?"

She shrugged again. "I'll admit I had to tighten the straps as much as they would go, but as for the other part I'm as stunned as you are; wait, that thing was ranking me?"

"Yes, as anonymous," Rhodey told her, grinning slightly. "You'd make a good pilot though, with a little more practice."



A few days later Tony was getting ready for a date with Pepper, having made sure that Bruce would be home to watch Sage. "Okay, be a good girl and listen to Bruce while I'm gone," he couldn't help but tease her slightly.

"Yeah, yeah; have a good time out with Pepper," she waved him off, sitting at the kitchen table with one of his books open in front of her. Not long after he had left she looked to Bruce, who was on the couch watching something on the television, and asked, "Want me to whip us up something to eat? I'm sure there's some leftover chicken or something in the fridge still," she dropped down to the floor, suddenly feeling a tingling sensation in her left side and a stab of pain throughout her chest.

"Yeah sure; thanks," Bruce glanced back, noticing that she looked a little pale. "You okay?"

Sage was breathing in short, quick breaths by then, shaking her head. "I- seem to be- going into- cardiac- arrest," she gasped, collapsing and passing out.

"Sage!" Bruce yelped, flipping over the couch as she fell, practically cracking her head on the stone countertop on the way down. She didn't respond as he turned her over and checked for a pulse; not finding anything and cursing before starting chest compressions on her, trying to start her heart up again.

"Come on Sage," he grunted, leaning over to give her mouth to mouth and forcing a lungful of warm air into her before leaning up and continuing CPR, giving a few more chest compressions before leaning down to give her some more air. He continued for a few more minutes before she jerked awake, spluttering and coughing, rolling over onto her side and taking ragged lungful's of oxygen.

Sage felt stiff as she propped herself onto her elbows, just breathing for a few long moments; her insides were cold from fear and she was shaking as Bruce rubbed her back a little to calm her down. "It's okay, you're good now; it was a little tricky for a minute or so there but you're good now," he assured.

"Thanks," Sage gasped out once she had regained her breath, "How long was I-? Did I die?"

"For a minute or so, you did." Bruce told her, still rubbing her back to calm her down. "You okay now?"

The youth nodded, not understanding the cold rush of sensation lingering within her that she sensed wasn't physical, it felt emotional to her; but how could that be possible? She couldn't be feeling emotion. "I'm fine; I just have to increase the dose of my medicine," pulling herself up slowly, she held her head where it had hit the counter, "And maybe have you check that I don't have a concussion."

Nodding, he checked her head when she bowed it forwards, pressing lightly into her skull to feel for any breaks. "I don't feel any fractures, but as for the concussion part I should probably keep you on a watch for now." His hand came away slightly red with blood, so he wet a paper towel to clean her head with. "Let's clean your head up and then we can call Tony and tell him what happened."

Shaking her head, Sage took the towel to clean herself with and walked over to the sink. "Nah let him have his dinner with Pepper; I won't have had less near-death experience when he gets back verses if he comes home early."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," she smiled a little, touched by Bruce's concern and then confused by what she was feeling, so she frowned slightly. "How about I warm up our supper then, I'm still starved."

"Actually, I'm fine right about now; I sort of lost my appetite when you died and I brought you back to life." She glanced at him and shrugged.

"Suit yourself."


Tony and Pepper arrived a little after midnight; Bruce and Sage were still up, watching television silently. Sage was tired but since she was on concussion watch she had to stay up. By now there was a bandage on her head over the small wound from the counter.

Tony frowned when he saw it. "What the hell happened?"  Sage turned and yawned, stretching slightly.

"I went into cardiac arrest about half an hour after you left and hit my head on the counter when I collapsed; but Bruce revived me and now I'm on concussion watch so I'm not allowed to go to sleep until the Doc says it's okay." She yawned again, leaning against the side of the couch heavily.

"Wait a second, you went into cardiac arrest and didn't think to tell me?"

"We thought about it," Bruce broke in, "But she didn't think that you needed to be interrupted." Pepper frowned slightly and Tony was scowling a bit that Sage didn't think that her having a heart attack was more important than his date.

"Next time call," he told her.

"I don't intend on a next time, thank you," Sage quipped back; slightly grumpy because she was tired. "May I go to bed now?" she asked, turning to Dr. Banner, who sighed.

"Fine; but realize that I may come in to check on you tonight, usually it's not good to let someone who may or may not have a bruised brain go to sleep,"

"I know; but thanks," Sage nodded and yawned once more, getting up to go to her room. The newfound emotions running through her were confusing, and she needed to figure them out; what caused them in the first place? She shouldn't be able to feel things like this…

It was the dying, she surmised; it must have been like hitting the reset on a computer, causing whatever was blocking her emotional pathways to be removed and opening up the channels for the processing of emotions. Leaning back on the mattress, she sighed and reasoned with the idea; she'd always had emotions, the chemicals that cause emotions had always been present in her blood, causing physical reactions, her brain had just been unable to process, and define, the chemicals emotionally.

And now it could; she puffed to herself, experiencing angst for the first time. Closing her eyes, she fought the emotions down and tried to get some sleep.
this is an Avenger's movie fanfiction
hope u like
comments appreciated
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